Vacation blogger travels with a TV show baker and gets to sample teatime baked goods along with (literally) breathtaking and life changing experiences!

This book was a surprising joy to read for me. I normally don’t pick up books in this genre to read, but I found this at a library sale and couldn’t resist the title! I read the back cover and fell in love with the casual feel I got from it.

Anyway, I will fill you in on as much as I can without spoiling the book.

Laurie Davis does a vacation blog that she does with her closest friend. She gets a job as a scheduler and planner for the TV show baker Pamela.

Pamela is setting up this trip to go and visit the origins of famous teatime baked goods to see how they are made and learn as much as she can about them to put together a book she is working on. This book happens to be called The Traveling Tea Shop and it will have recipes that were inspired by the trip.

Laurie learns that Pamela is also bringing her mother and daughter during their first meet. While Laurie is excited, she can’t help but wonder about Pamela’s uneasiness in telling her.

Pamela ends up dealing with family stress that builds up more and more over the course of what should be the best trip of their life. Laurie does everything she can to help Pamela, but also discovers similarities in her own family issues.

This is a super nice casual book because of all of the places that these characters travel to are described fantastically. While the main theme in this book is tea cakes, the characters take on stressful situations with family dramas and events that can’t be helped during the trip. There are nice life and personal lessons to be taken from this story that aren’t completely cliché. Each characters situation is unique. I love how Laurie reflects on her own life and problems when she learns more about Pamela and her daughter Ravenna, while trying to help them sort out their ordeals.

Oh jeez, here she comes now!

I turn to hide myself and collide with a seven-foot drag queen in voluminous Cleopatra robes.

– Laurie Davis

Let’s talk about the actual writing itself now.

The characters are all written very well in my opinion. They are believable characters and they change throughout the story. You may start the story disliking some of them, but that changes through the story and I like that.

Belinda Jones, the author of this book, did a fair amount of research for this book to be able to write out this trip and accurately describe the plan, the scenes and even wrote in bits of notes here and there about the baked goods that were being visited. Belinda snuck this in as Pamela’s notes about the trip that she brought along with her and she would read them aloud before their destination or during a tour. Laurie even gave some interior design notes while talking to Pamela’s daughter Ravenna. I learned some pretty interesting things reading this book that I wouldn’t seek out otherwise.

I recommend this book as a spring or summer read. For me, it really set a traveling mood and I baked 4 things after reading this. My favorite lesson from this book is that sometimes instead of trying to help others with their problems all the time, you have to also focus on helping yourself with your own problems.

Does this seemingly perfect trip crumble to pieces under the red double decker bus? Is the book left unfinished by stressed Pamela? I will leave it to you readers to find the endings to this journey 😉

Just once I’d like you to be the one dying of mortification.

– Ravenna Lambert-Leigh

Let me know if you read this book in the comments and tell me what you think of this book!

I’ll be going back to sifting through my other books. If you read this book, i hope you enjoy it.