October 31, 2016

I haven’t written here for awhile. I’d love to share an update while it’s still my favorite holiday! Although I wasn’t able to make it to any haunted houses this year, I still had a lot of fun.


Halloween weekend was full of kids events that I got to take the little guy to and he loved it.


I worked on this DIY Mimikyu costume as a last minute project, because I changed what I wanted to go as about 2 or 3 times. I would love to re-make this costume with a big wrap around cape that has a hood on it. I couldn’t find one in time this year.

All of the games I have on my phone had gotten adorable Halloween updates. I wish they were year round!

Two of my friends invited me to Halloween parties which was super nice. I could only make it to one of them, but it was amazing. So much effort was put into it and it was fun, it wasn’t just stuff to look at. The little photo booth was cute.


At the college extension in town, there were little photo booth props and a background to take pictures with on Halloween day. There were bowls of candy on the tables and crosswords to fill out between or after classes that could be turned in for even better candy… well…. you know what I was up to after class. Picking the candy corn and m&ms out of the bowls and doing crosswords while ignoring my homework.


I hope you had a fantastic Halloween! Feel free to share what you dressed up as, even if you only did the makeup or something!