Words cannot describe how amazing this festival was for me, but I’m going to use words to describe it anyway.

Riot Fest is the first and only music festival I have ever been to and I plan on going next year. I went with a really good friend of mine, who loves Chicago, and we met and made a new friend who came to the festival from Texas.

Day 1: Friday

The first day, my friend and I  did the most things there are to do. We explored the grounds fully and when we saw something that caught our attention, we were already on it. Friday I wore my Nothing More Nation shirt to help rep. and get people to see their show later that night and see who else loved their music!
One of the tents that we visited had neat signs that were all about consent. We picked our favorites and carried them around the rest of the festival with us and we had so many people express in some way that they love the message as much as we did! We didn’t want to get rid of the signs. We had this great experience all thanks to Our Music My Body.

We had a hard pass on the carnival rides that were there because they were the same old ones that come around where we live like the Ferris Wheel and Tilt-a-Whirl, but we did go and see the Hellzapoppin sideshow! It was neat and I had a few laughs. They seem to go to music festivals in the rock and metal scene semi often? If you also ever got the chance to see them, which performance was your favorite? I know they have different people some places.

We later came across an acrobatics side show and it was insane! The ladies were phenomenal.

Then we checked out all of the rest of the tents and saw some bands play!

Days 2 & 3: Saturday and Sunday

Both of these days, we went back through tents to participate in cool stuff we saw on Friday. We mostly hung out at the Heather Owens Stage for these two days because there were a few bands we wanted to hear that looked interesting, and to discover more music. We bought our Riot Fest merch on Saturday. It was a mistake to wait that long to get it. 
We visited the food tents at some point both of these days! There were so many that there was a section of the festival grounds that were for food tents. It was crazy and there was a big selection. I saw some guy walk from those tents with a popcorn bucket of cheese fries! One day I got a big ol’ Piña Colada in a pineapple. The other day I got a pretty decent sized plate of Chow Mein noodles.

If you are interested in finding some good music, here is a handful of “new to me” bands that I enjoyed at this punk rock festival:

♡ The Cribs

♡ The Regrettes

♡ Real Friends

♡ Potty Mouth

And of course I was thrilled to have seen Nothing More, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Paramore. It was my first time seeing all of them. I unfortunately missed seeing Blue October, but I’ll see them another time!

Ps. Ministry played a new song off their new album “Antifa” and I loved it.