This year I  feel did more for myself than the years before. Like I ACTUALLY did something that I don’t already do every year. I guess I followed through with some of the goals I had set for myself… sometime in the past? I learned a bit of beginning German through the Duolingo app until my phone ran out of space. I started writing more. I started my first job this year. I moved out with my four year old into an apartment. I also almost completely broke my warrior of a car.

I have so much organizing to do that I’m probably going to put off two years from now, but heeeey. I guess we will see when we get there. I know better than to make that a New Years resolution.

The things I am most excited about every single year is the new books, music and movies that will call on me for the rest of my living breathing life. But then again, who isn’t?

I am really bad at keeping New Years resolutions, but I did make a list of general goals for myse​lf.

1. Continue growing that goosebumps book collection

I am a parent now and what kind of parent would I be if my child didn’t know Goosebumps? Also those “choose your own scare” ones are the BEST.

2. Grow darker plants

I WILL get my dark garden one of these years

3. Make a few videos

I love editing videos that I make and having fun. I put off making them because I edit them as if I am showing other people and then I get picky. So maybe I can at least make a few for myself.

4. Post to this blog with fewer 6 month gaps between said posts

I’ll tell you what I did over the holidays…. I went into hibernation

5. Stop the madness and just finally get your own copies of your favorite movies

I have rented a few favorites that I either never had, or let people borrow and I never got them back. I probably rented these favorites enough times to have bought them 4 times or more.

6. Leave town(s) more often

It is so nice to be away for a bit. I have a road trip planned so we will see how that goes.

7. Find new amazing recipes

I tend to cook the same handful of things quite often. I need to at least look for a handful of new dishes to try.

8. Stop drinking soda (again)

I did pretty good with this up until halfway through this year.

9. Try painting at least 1 thing

I haven’t painted anything for a while. I want to and I don’t know why I keep putting it off.

10. Learn something new

 I have a list of things I am interested in trying or learning that I occasionally pick through when I get that wave of motivation. I might share that in another post.