I have been staying in with the little one lately. He’s gotten the cold that’s been going around unfortunately. So my week hasn’t been much of anything but watching SpongeBob and the smell of vapo-rub.

However, I did go and rent some movies and I came across this casual looking anime movie. I passed it up quite a few times, but I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Your Name was actually a pretty interesting movie to watch. It is about a guy and girl that started to switch bodies. They do not know each other at all. One lives in a city and one lives in a small town, so when they switch bodies they are forced to try and live each others lives as normal as possible. They then try and find each other and find out why this is happening.

It was silly and I joked about lots of the scenes. Some of the characters made me laugh, but of course some of the movie was a bit sad.

Eli has been painting his little heart out, despite being sick the last few days.

I read Turtles All The Way Down since I did end up enjoying The Fault In Our Stars as my “blind book date” awhile back. I love this book, more so than The Fault In Our Stars. It was two mysteries in one basically. One mystery is the battle in the main characters head with her mental illness and the other mystery is the whereabouts of a missing billionaire. The icing on the cake is the best friend of the main character that writes Star Wars fanfiction.

Do not pass on this one. It is wonderful.

I did a little cleaning when I got a chance. It makes me feel better when I can finally put something away after I re-arrange shelf space.

I really hope I do not also get sick. I hope YOU don’t get sick.

May the tea gods grant us health.